Two Pole Couple Bracelet

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The bracelet draws inspirtation from the north and south pole. Designer say, "They are the north and south poles of each other, destined to attract each other". The simple NS letters represent the two poles, with magnets inside, symbolizing the two sides with infinite charm and two-phase attraction. The surface is black-plated and the bold cross chain helps to create fashionable sports style.

The spar has been screened layer by layer and hand-inlaid to give off a bright luster. It has 9 layers of 18K real gold thick plating, long-lasting color and carefully selected spar manual inlay.

Product information

Material: copper plated with real gold, synthetic cubic zirconia, magnet

Process: electroplating, manual inlay, cold enamel

Weight: female chain 3.7g, male chain 4.68g 

length: Female chain14cm+5cm, Male chain: 17cm+5cm

Packing: 1bracelet,1 wipe silver cloth,1box

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