Milky Way Bohemian Ring

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The ring is made of s925 sterling silver, the surface is black-plated, the star of the small ring is zircon, and the other blue stars are made of oil. Designed with the universe as the main element, black-plated symbolizes the dark space of the universe.  Each ring has a main star, like Tanabata meet the Cowherd and weaver star, tiny stars embellishment, symbolizing that many people are met in life. 


Process: Handmade

Size: Resizable/adjustable

Height: 0.5cm/0.4cma

Net weight: 2.4g/ 1.5g


1. Avoid contact with chemical products

2. Avoid acid and alkali and humid environment

3. Avoid being hit by impact and hard objects

4. Avoid wearing when bathing or sweating

5. Do not let children play to prevent accidental swallowing



1xwiping silver cloth

1x earring

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