Thorns Rose Bracelet

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Design Inspiration:

The enthusiasm of blooming roses is fascinating. Inadvertently touching, it makes people feel bad to take any measures. However, some people are willing to use the blood on the thorns, set an oath of love for loyalty, willing to turn into thorns and protect the beauty of her life.

Design Features:

The Thorns Rose Bracelet is made of S925 sterling silver. The surface of the bracelet is black plated and the blue rose is made of the artificial blue crystal. The bracelet follows the inspiration from a blooming blue rose, embellished with dark branches and leaves. The polished triangle design, represents the convergence of the barb, a symbol of those who truly love the rose will not be stabbed.

Product specifications:

  • Material: s925 silver, artificial Blue Crystal.
  • Length: about 19cm
  • Process: Handmade
  • Weight: about 4.4g
  • Flower diameter: about 0.5cm


1x wiping silver cloth

1x Thorns Rose Bracelet

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